List of school, personal or internship projects.


6 months final internship, April 2022

logo I created a Python module named pydynamo to easily read and simulate system dynamics. I used it to manipulate the World3 model, and created a Practical Session to live the world dynamics Report


Transfer learning for Random Forests

Statistical Learning course, final project, January 2021

logo We implemented and studied algorithms of transfer learning for random forest, applied to a hand gesture classification task. Report


Optimisation of Enumeration of Steiner Trees

6 months research project, September 2020

logo We designed and implemented algorithms to accelerate the enumeration of Steiner trees, that aim to connect points in 3D with minimal distance. We also created an interactive platform to visualise and modifie 3D topologies. Report


Dimension Reduction and Clustering of letters from Assemblée Nationale

2 months internship, July 2020

logo I applied and compared different dimension reduction methods to short letters from deputees to ministers. I also applied various clustering methods to link deputees. Report


Implementation of a Grammatical Inference algorithm

autonomous personal project, May 2020

logo I implemented in C++ a grammatical inference algorithm, tested it and tried to bring some improvment, for mitigate results.


Natural Selection over Agents looking like Smoke

C++ course, final project, November 2019

logo We implemented a simulation of a some agents (moving like smoke) in competition within a hostile environment, with reproduction and mutations, in order to observe the effects of natural selection. Report

C++ LateX

NLP and statistical Analysis of letters from Assemblée Nationale

1 year school industrial project, September 2019

logo We analysed a dataset of letters written by french deputees to ministers. We used NLP techniques and basic statistics to detect over-representations, anomalies and time series extremas. We created a interactive platform to visualize our results. Report


Intern Computing Engineer

2 months internship, July 2019

I used web scraping and implemented a geolocation API in Python.


Classifications and Variability Analysis of captors

6 months research project, January 2019

logo We classified captors according to their temporal measures. We then tried to decide their fiability by comparing their variability with other captors. Report


Mathematic Modelling of Natural Selection phenomena

6 months research project, September 2018

logo We derived equations to represent the quantitative evolution of several populations in a context of competition, reproduction and mutation. We deduced some interesting thresholds mechanisms about the domination of a population depending on the advantage brought by a mutation. Report